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Ashleigh House
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Project: Detached 2-storey dwelling in Finglas, Dublin 11     Date: December 2013 to April 2014      Job Description: Site survey, outline design, outline planning permission.

Elevation of Extension in Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

The Brief

Our client owned an end of terrace, 3-bedrooms, 2-storey dwelling with a garage at side and a single storey extension to the rear. The property is located in Finglas, Dublin 11. The site area of 415 square metres, included a 30 metres depth rear garden. The garden had a vehicular acces from a road at rear. Our client was interested to develop the site by adding a new dwelling. The rear access road was already providing a means of entry to existing houses, it was compliant with fire safety requirements for fire engines access to the site. The applicant did not intend to build the dwelling, but to sell the site to a small developper or a familly. We recommended an application for outline permission which gave flexibility to the potential buyers for the internal layout and facades.


The Project

We prepared the outline design for a detached 2-stoery, 2-bedrooms 4-persons dwelling in compliance with Dublin City Council development plan and in compliance with best practice guidelines published in 2007 by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. A domestic garage was also proposed attached to the side of the dwelling, in order to provide one parking space on site. The client contacted our practice by the end of November 2013. The design was completed before Christmas. The outline planning permission submitted in Junuary 2014 and planning permission was granted in April 2014. The proposed dwelling has no impact on the privacy of adjacent properties. A minimum distance of 22 metres is proposed between all facing first floor windows. It will not overshadow neither the windows nor the garden from adjacent properties.


  Cottage extension, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14


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