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Project: Single storey rear extension in Dunboyne, Co. Meath.     Date: January 2015 to January 2016      Job Description: Design, Planning, Project Management, certification

Single storey rear dwelling extension in Dunboyne, Co. Meath

The Brief

A familly was searching for an architect to assist with additional living space requirements in Dunboyne, Co. Meath, near Dublin. CK Architecture was appointed for the design of a single storey rear extension with refurbishment. The clients own a detached 4 bedrooms dwelling built with a large rear garden within a residential estate of Dunboyne. The ground floor of the dwelling was restrictive and additional space was required. The brief included for an additional bedroom with ensuite at ground floor to be used by a relative in need of care. The brief also included for a large kitchen / dining area as well as more sunlight to enter the rear of the house, orientated South. The existing dwelling already included for a 12 square metres conservatory, and the clients were aware that the required extension would need planning permission to be granted by Meath County Council. A utility room and ground floor WCs were also to be preserved or relocated if necessary. At first floor the clients were looking to enlarge an existing bathroom, using space from one of the bedrooms.

The Project

The rear garden offered diverse solutions to provide the required space. Working with the clients, our design proposed to relocate existing WCs and a utility room in order to create a larger dining / kitchen area. The dwelling depth was also extended for this purpose. Patio doors and roof windows were used to maximise sunlight penetration. The utility room and WC were relocated to the rear / side of the dwelling with a narrow extension accessible through a lobby which also provide access to the additional bedroom. The new bedroom is created as a larger extension to the rear, which also provides an ensuite bathroom. A kitchen designer was directly appointed by the clients. We provided the clients with a new bathroom layout and related specifications. Planning permission was granted in May 2015. The tender procedure was started in June 2015


  Single storey dwelling rear extension in Dunboyne, Co. Meath

Single storey rear house extension in Dunboyne, Co. Meath



The Construction

During July 2015, a notice for commencement of works was submitted to Meath County Council. All construction works were completed in January 2016. There were delays on the project caused by additional works which were not included in the original design, such as the re-tiling of an existing conservatory roof, as well as additional plaster, electrical points and plumbing work. The contractor, who had built only 3 house extensions prior to the start of the project, had under-estimated some aspects of the workload and experienced difficulties with technical parts of the works as well as with sub-contractors, causing further delays on the project. The extension was completed in January 2016, instead of November 2015, as anticipated prior to the start of construction works. We carried out periodical inspections during construction and instructed the contractor for compliance with planning permission and building regulations.


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